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Our story

We are a small family owned business that is based on two-sister restaurants and a food truck named Paraiso Native Filipino Food, Manila’s Pride, and Chebogz Filipino Food Truck. Our family migrated from the Philippines on March 2004. We were fortunate enough to rent a small basement with a kitchen where our mom was able to cook for small catering orders to earn extra income. After eight years of hard work living on a very tight budget, we were able to put a down payment on the Filipino restaurant where our eldest sister has worked at ever since. Our only hope is to make our customers feel at home when they eat our food. Whether they are familiar with the Filipino culture or not, our goal is for them to look forward to eating authentic Filipino food again!

Home cooked Filipino food was the only thing we had to make us feel at home. We hope to make our customers feel at home when they eat our food and/or make them appreciate the hospitality of Filipino culture.

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